Coconut Ice-Cream Stall Rental

Carnival World provides wide range of carnival food stalls for rent at an affordable quote to any sorts of event in Singapore! From the highly rave coconut ice-cream stall to cotton candy and popcorn machines.Coco Tree logo

Coconut Ice Cream is now getting more popular within the youngsters these days in Singapore today! Unlike many, our Coconut Ice cream uses real coconut shell, delicious coconut ice cream mix with 6 different toppings of your choice!

Coconut Ice Cream Stall

Rates for coconut ice cream stall rental:

1st 2 hours: $400/-
Subsequent hour: $150/-
4 hours and above: $150/hour

Our rates are inclusive of delivery and set-up! DEFINITELY WORTH!!

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Customisable package is also available for selective ones! Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at

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