Inflatable Bouncing Obstacle Challenge

Here in Carnival World, we have 3 different large inflatable bouncing obstacle challenge for rent in Singapore! These inflatables are professional looking and suit events with big outdoor area! Below are some pictures of our inflatable obstacles:


Robot Obstacle Challenge


Robot Obstacle Challenge


Large Obstacle Challenge


Large Obstacle Challenge

Sports Arena

Sports Obstacle Challenge

Click here to view the list of inflatable bouncy castle and inflatable obstacle challenges we have.

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Carnival Snacks for Events

Carnival World provides various carnival snacks for events in Singapore! Choose from popcorns and candy floss to ice cream or even churros, we have it all!

Last month, we have provided our carnival snacks for an event a Singapore Polo Club 130th anniversary and takashimaya toys department.


Ice Cream Cart Rental by Carnival World.popcorn-stall-for-rent-singapore

Popcorn Machine Rental by Carnival World.


Delicious popcorns for hire. Check out how our popcorn machine rental looks like when you engage Carnival World in the video below:

Other than our carnival snacks, we also provide professional talents for events as well. Choose from balloon sculpting and face painting to stage performers such as magician and juggler, we have it all here at Carnival World as well!


Face Painting Activity.


Professional Children Magic Show

Turn your event into a carnival with us today!

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Arcade Machine Rental in Singapore

From our famous arcade UFO toy catchers to poplar arcade game such as Daytona, Time Crisis  and Basketball game, we have it all here at Carnival World. Unlike many, we do customisation services for our clients as well! Below are a few ideas of how our machines can hype up your event!

Contact us for Price List.

Rates starts from $800 onwards.
(inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of equipment.)

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Carnival Snacks Stalls for Events in Singapore

Carnival World provides live station catering carnival snacks stalls rental in Singapore! With a wide range of carnival snacks to choose from, we are always ready to serve the tasty snacks at your event!


Popcorn machine stall rental.


Hotdog Bun Stall Rental.


Below are a few others carnival snack stalls rental in Singapore:

To find out the full list of carnival snacks stalls rental we have, click here.

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Inflatable Games for Rent in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, we provide professional looking inflatable games for rent in Singapore! Presentation of the carnival equipment are very important when it comes to executing a carnival event. Therefore, our team has been working hard on the designs the past few weeks to produce our new carnival games in Singapore!

Below are our new carnival game stalls available for rent in Singapore.

3 in 1 Game - Baseball, Basketball, Dart

3 in 1 Game – Baseball, Basketball, Dart

Safe Archery Game

Safe Archery Game

Plinko Game Booth

Plinko Game Booth

Soccer Game

Soccer Game

These inflatables doesn’t just look professional, it is also fun and engaging for all!

Here a video of how the carnival games are being played.

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For more information about our game stalls, click here.

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Fringe Activities for Events in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, we have more than 20 fringe activities for your upcoming party or event to choose from. Below are a few fringe activities’ ideas that you may want to consider having for your event!

Balloon Sculpting

Here in Carnival World, we work with professional balloon artist who are experienced in their art. Our balloon artist was also engaged by celebrities’ private functions, and appeared on national TV programme channel 8 & channel U.



Wire Art 

Wire Art gets the most attention when it comes to fringe activities. Guest are always curious and love watching the artist twisting the wires into their names as a gift for them! Don’t you wish to have 1 too?


Face Painting

Face Painting is the first thing in mind when it comes to girl’s birthday party or children’s event! Unlike many, our artist’s face paint is truly an art. Every guest just can’t stop taking photos with it!


Glitter Tattoo

For family events or D&D events with more adults than children, we usually recommend our client to get either glitter tattoo or airbrush tattoo instead. Shinny glitter on your skin has never failed to get both adults and kids to be excited!


To find out more information about our fringe activities, click here.
Looking for event talents/entertainers? Click here.

Create a memorable carnival with us today!

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Property Guru Carnival Event in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to provide our carnival event equipment rental for property guru’s carnival event in Singapore! Unlike many event company, we specialised in managing carnival events in Singapore!


Our popular game stalls, ice cream cart, popcorn & candy floss machines creates a fun-filled and engaging carnival event for property guru! The only difference about property guru’s carnival is that they want their staff members to mend the stalls! In fact, it is very simple and everyone had fun!

To find out more about our event management services, click here.

We want to help create a memorable carnival for you.

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Serangoon Gardens Country Club Carnival Event Management

Carnival World is provide to provide our event management service to Serangoon Gardens Country Club once again! In this carnival, we have provide professional talents such as puppet master show, airbrush tattoo artist, balloon artist who sure did impress their guest at the event!

Puppet Show

Puppet Show

Our equipment rental include large bouncy castle, professional game stalls, popcorn and candy floss machines rental. One of the most popular activity is our photo frame craft session where kids get to create and bring home their own unique photo frame!

We would like to thank Serangoon Gardens Country Club for engaging our services again. Our team enjoyed themselves at the carnival as well! Looking forward to create another memorable carnival for you again!

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Popular Carnival Equipment for Rent in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, we provide you with the list of the most poplar carnival equipment for rent in Singapore! Being an experienced carnival event planner, these equipment may or may not suits your event venue or ideas. Therefore, we would suggest you contact our friendly event co-ordinatorto find out how we can make your carnival a success!

Bouncy Castles


Lion Kingdom


Fairy Castle


Blue Castle


Art & Craft Fringe Activity


Window Art Fringe Activity


Instant Photobooth Service


Photobooth Props


Traditional Ice Cream Cart


Popcorn Machine Rental


Popcorn Machine Rental


Candy Floss Machine Rental


Candy Floss and Popcorn Machine Rental


Game Stall Rental


Game Stalls Rental

Our carnival equipment are unique and professionally designed. For this coming year-end events, we have new carnival games and F&B stalls available! More details will be coming in October!

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Carnival Food Stalls Rental

We are proud to provide our carnival food stalls rental for Apple Singapore’s event!

Unlike many, our carnival food stalls look modern and professional, which is why many love engaging our food stalls rental! Furthermore, we have tried each and every carnival food that we supply to ensure great taste and the highest quality of our food stalls.


Hotdog Bun Stall.


Hotdog Bun Stall.


Traditional Potong Ice Cream Giveaway.


Slushee Drink Stall.

Create a memorable carnival party with us today!

To find out more about our carnival food stall rental, click here.

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